We created the RV Buyers Bootcamp to help first-time RV buyers make the right choice for their lifestyle and negotiate the best price.

4 Seminars and Over 25 Pages Of Worksheets

We get the questions all the time: "What is the best RV? Which one should I buy?"
Unfortunately, the answer isn't that simple, as everyone's preferences and travel styles are different.
But fortunately, this course will teach you the way to figure out which RV is best for you!

RV Buyers Bootcamp will answer the questions you didn't even know you had.

Seminar 1: Choosing Your RV

This seminar will help you learn the differences between all RV types. We review all of the groundwork information you need to buy your perfect RV.

We go over the features and benefits for each RV type, choosing a manufacturer, and important things to think about when picking your perfect floorplan.

Seminar 2: The Buying Process

The RV-buying process can be overwhelming. With this seminar we want to highlight helpful tips around things to think about that may guide your buying experience.

We'll review topics such as: buying new VS used, choosing a dealership, where to buy used, understanding your ideal budget, financing, and insurance. 

Seminar 3: The RV Delivery Process

Once you know what RV you want and you’ve made your purchase, it’s time to take delivery and begin RVing! This is a very exciting time in the RV buying process and we’ll share some helpful tips to get you started.

Walk-through a fifth-wheel and a Class A motorhome with us as we go over the things to check and look for before you drive your RV off the lot.

Seminar 4: Hitting the Road

Now that you have all the tools in your belt to find and buy your perfect RV, it’s time to review what’s needed to get you settled into the RV community.

While the RV lifestyle is extremely rewarding, it does come with its own set of stressful days and problems. We want to send you on your way with everything you need to know to start your journey on the right foot!

Live, In-Person Feel

Feel the interaction, hear the personal stories, and get the FULL explanations from this originally live, in-person event.

We look forward to you getting to know us, and hope we get to know you, too!

25+ Pages of Printable RV Worksheets

We will provide you with 25+ pages of RV-related printable worksheets!

These checklists and worksheets will get you organized and prepared for the RV lifestyle.

RV Buyers Bootcamp Course


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Get the best deal on an RV

Start your journey on the right path

25+ worksheets and checklists

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"Even though we have been researching and planning for a couple years we learned so much. Thank you for a great class! It was a priceless experience."

Kimberly B. - RV Masterclass Student

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